Jasa Export Import Surabaya

Tri Perkasa Express adalah Jasa Export Import Surabaya a logistic company that cover any Import and Export services, warehousing, inter-island shipment, projects and documentation / licensing. We offer Import Export services through door to door, air and sea shipment. We also handle the documentation / licensing for Import Export activities and help to update the newest regulations that is needed to be complete.

Faria Indah, PT.
Faria Graha Building, 2nd Floor,Jl. Dr. Makaliwe Raya No. 21, Grogol,Jakarta Barat 11450,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 5662166, No Fax.(021) 337817
No Telepon.(021) 5662159, No Telepon.(021) 5662162, No Telepon.(021) 5503043
International freight forwarder; General export and import

San-Mic Shoji Co Ltd.
Wisma Nusantara, 14th Floor,Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 59,Jakarta Pusat 10350,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 31935572
No Telepon.(021) 31935434, No Telepon.(021) 3900909
General trading for paper, export & import

Sarana Sinar Fajar (SASIFA), PT.
Jl. Batu Ceper No. 7,Jakarta Pusat 10120,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 3514641
No Telepon.(021) 3441113, No Telepon.(021) 3842225
General trading, export and import

Gatra Wisesa Kencana, PT.
AKA Building, Ground Floor,Jl. Bangka Raya No. 2, Pela Mampang,Jakarta Selatan 12720,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 7192760, No Fax.(021) 7192761
No Telepon.(021) 7192760, No Telepon.(021) 7191350
General trading; General export and import

Gelpi Kurnia Lestari, PT.
Wisma Pede, 4th Floor,Jl. Letjen. MT. Haryono Kav. 17,Jakarta Selatan 12810,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 8303833
No Telepon.(021) 8314028, No Telepon.(021) 8303833
General export and import; General trading

Gemabangun Pronaperkasa, PT.
Mall Mangga Dua, Block G No. 20,Jl. Arteri Mangga Dua Raya, Demangan Baru,Jakarta Pusat 10730,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 6120094
No Telepon.(021) 6121847, No Telepon.(021) 6121848, No Telepon.(021) 6121849
General trading; General export and import

Gepro Inti Indonesia, PT.
Wijaya Graha Puri Complex Block G No. 11,Jl. Wijaya II, Kebayoran Baru,Jakarta Selatan 12160,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 7202979
No Telepon.(021) 72792388
Furniture; Industrial equipment; General export and import

Gihon, PT.
Jl. Ganggeng VI No. 5, Tanjung Priok,Jakarta Utara 14330,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 4303816
No Telepon.(021) 43935936
General exporter and importer

Gita Impexindo, PT.
Jl. Gunung Sahari I No. 28,Jakarta Pusat 10610,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 4207207
No Telepon.(021) 3861601
General export and import; General trading.Ciptajaya Adiperdana, PT.
Puri Buana Complex No. 1,Jl. Sriwijaya,Batam Riau,Indonesia
No Fax.(0778) 455062
No Telepon.(0778) 455060, No Telepon.(0778) 455061
General exporter and importer; Building construction

Dewita Indah Prima, PT.
Wisma Gandaria, 1st Floor,Jl. Gandaria III No. 8, Kebayoran Baru,Jakarta Selatan 12130,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 7258945
No Telepon.(021) 7258946, No Telepon.(021) 7258948
General export/import; General trading

Ertary Utama, PT.
Jl. Ternate No. 21-H, Roxy,Jakarta Pusat 10150,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
No Fax.(021) 6333489, No Fax.(021) 6324768
No Telepon.(021) 6324118, No Telepon.(021) 6326740, No Telepon.(021) 6327117
General export and import; General trading.

 Our staffs are coming from numerous selections with high criteria which create a fully dedicated, professional, transparent, efficient, and responsible teamwork. Building a long term relationship is our obligation. Therefore, customer satisfaction is everything to us. Entrust your company’s Import Export activities, projects, and logistic matters to us!

Tri Perkasa Express as a logistics company provides Export Import Surabaya services, warehousing, projects, and documentation that engaged with shipping regulation. It is our pleasure to give the best service for you.
+6231 531 9623
Ruko Ambengan Plaza B32
Jl. Ngemplak 30

DKI Jakarta
+6221 2938 2996
Ruko GBI Blok D-10
Jl. Bukit Gading Raya
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